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Foster Care 101: Recruiting Parents for Foster Care and Adoption

November 17 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Let It Be Us Webinar on Zoom where we will be virtually sharing all of our information on Illinois foster care and adoption.

We will be covering:

1. Foster care licensing in Illinois.

2. Working with a Let It Be Us Foster Care Licensing Coach.

3. What is the difference between specialized and traditional foster care.

4. What are the ways to foster? Long term vs. short term.

5. What does “the child’s goal” mean? How is that determined? By whom? What role does the foster parent play?

6. Why do kids in care go to lots of different homes? Why do some end up in group homes?

7. What do most kids need from a foster parent?

8. How do you actually adopt from foster care?

Open to future foster and adoptive parents and current foster and adoptive parents. We’ll be discussing how to obtain a foster care license, what it means to be a foster parent, how to navigate adoption through foster care, the trials, tribulations, challenges, love and more. What it means to work with Let It Be Us. Each of our recruitment events are led by our expert recruitment team. This event is a webinar, a digital event, on ZOOM, and you can attend from the comfort of your own home or your own phone.
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Let It Be Us virtual recruitment events on ZOOM are brought to you through a grant from the State of Illinois, the Barrington Area Community Foundation and the Foglia Family Foundation.