Foster Care and Foster Care Adoption Facts

Foster Care Adoption Truths

They’re all ages.

The average age of a child in foster care and those awaiting adoption is 8.  An 8 year old is in 3rd grade and still has dates with the tooth fairy.  Plus, there are plenty of babies as well as toddlers in need of homes through foster care and adoption.  Having said that, there are parents who are interested in being foster or adoptive parents to a teenager and we can’t think of a better way to change a teenager’s life than the addition of a parent.  


They’re not “damaged.”

We see these kids all the time and we can tell you … they’re kids.  What we also see is that these kids are resilient.  Some have minor special needs and some have serious special needs. Who’s in or out of special needs is a gray area.  It’s true, these kids have been through the wringer.  But it’s important to know your facts; special needs applies to a lot of different needs.  It applies to kids who have psychological special needs, like depression or anxiety, or medical special needs, like epilepsy, diabetes or they may be confined to a wheel chair.  Consider attending one of the Let It Be Us Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruitment Events to hear from parents first hand about what all of this means.  At the end of the day, having a child in a special needs program means they’re watched under a protective scope so they are given more attention and the best care.  Attend our Let It Be Us Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruitment Events and we can connect you with the right adoption recruiters who will match you with the perfect child to compliment your parenting desires and skills.


Adoption is not an impossible task!

Adopting from foster care is not as long and complicated a process as adopting through a domestic or foreign agency which often takes a l-o-n-g time to accomplish and sometimes never happen at all.  Adoption from foster care is an easier process because the children are legally available and they are waiting.  It’s also important to note that adoption from foster care doesn’t discriminate against based on age, marital status, income or sexual orientation.  Domestic and foreign agency adoption often does.


Adoption from foster care is not expensive. (It’s FREE!)

Adoption from foster care is free. There are no legal fees. In addition, a child adopted from foster care is able to keep any stipend or special service until the time at which he or she would have left foster care at the age of 18 or 21.  Imagine saving that monthly stipend for college.  Note that cost for domestic and foreign adoption is between $25,000 – $40,000 and there is not a monthly stipend or additional services following the adoption.


You don’t have to own your own home. (Yes, you can rent an apartment!)

Adoption from foster care does not require the parent to own their home.  You just need to provide a safe and loving environment.  The “test” is called a home study and your home will need to be approved for your new child, but owning it is not part of the test.


You can be single!  

All you need to be is a loving, able and willing parent.  Single parents are gladly welcomed.  Right now there’s a little boy who would do anything to have a single parent, because he waits without even one.


You can be over 40! 

Adoption from foster care does not discriminate against age, which is often the case in traditional adoption.  Over 40’s often have lots of world experience and often have parenting experience.  We welcome you!

So now you know, adoption from foster care is completely possible.  Please consider attending one of the Let It Be Us Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruitment Events  to learn more.  (Note: to adopt a child from foster care in Illinois you need to be that child’s foster parent for 6 months.)