Aaliyah (Age 11)

Meet Aaliyah

Aaliyah is very artistic and loves drawing and coloring. Her favorite color to wear is black, but her favorite color overall is blue. She recently has been working on different ways to draw and write her name. Aaliyah has not yet had a chance to use paint in her artistic endeavors, but would be interested in trying. Her artistic talent comes out at school when she is working on projects, but she also shows great aptitude for math, which is one of her favorite subjects. Aaliyah is an active young lady and has participated in poms in the past and is now ready to try tumbling. She also likes to spend time with friends riding bikes, coming up with dance moves, and jumping on the trampoline. Aaliyah’s favorite music to dance to is hip-hop music. Because she likes so many songs and artists, it is difficult for her to pick a favorite! When it is time to relax after all those activities, Aaliyah enjoys quiet time and reading books (like her favorite series Junie B. Jones) or playing with her tablet. Aaliyah finds plenty of things to do on her tablet, including listening to music, playing games, and watching shows and videos. While Aaliyah does not have much interest in traveling at this time, she thinks trips to the mall would be really fun.

What Others Say About Aaliyah

Aaliyah’s foster parent said, “Aaliyah is a good child. She is friendly and gets along with everyone.” Her foster parent was not the only person to comment on Aaliyah’s friendliness and ability to get along with children and adults. Others have also mentioned how smart and artistic Aaliyah is and how she does well cleaning up after herself. Aaliyah is able to stand up for herself and express what she wants.

What You Can Do for Aaliyah

A family for Aaliyah should be trauma-informed or be willing to get training and gain knowledge in this area. Aaliyah needs a family who will give her attention and help her to feel wanted. Aaliyah would like for her forever family to be friendly and not yell. Aaliyah wants a home she can feel comfortable in and to have a parent or parents who she can talk to about any of her problems. Aaliyah thinks a good parent will be nice, but also strict and will reward good behavior.


Thank you to Tara Long of Tara Long Photography for creating these beautiful photographs!

Status: Not available

Case#: 0101ALS223

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 12/11/18