Aaron (Age 16)

Meet Aaron

Aaron reports that one of his biggest passions and interests in life is music. He enjoys spending his free time listening to music, especially songs by his favorite artist Bruce Connole. Aaron also likes to listen to pop, rock, and punk music. He sings to himself and has played the flute and drums in the past and would love to have the opportunity to play the drums again. Aaron likes to read books if he is interested in the subject matter and prefers fiction over nonfiction. In school, he has no favorite class or subject, but is most interested in biology. Aaron loves food and said he will eat anything. He has tried baking in the past and wants to start cooking and has already decided that lasagna is the first meal he wants to make on his own. When asked to describe himself, Aaron said he is a quick learner and is funny. Aaron added that he can be quiet and is more of a homebody because he prefers to stay close to home. Staying in touch with friends and being able to talk with them over social media is very important to Aaron. He would like to have a pet and likes dogs and turtles.

What Others Say About Aaron

Both his caseworker and caregiver describe Aaron as a good kid. His caseworker added that he is enjoyable and has a good sense of humor. At school, Aaron is a creative artist, a good reader, and loves to debate.

What You Can Do for Aaron

A family for Aaron should have experience with teenagers and be patient and understanding. A family should have knowledge and/or experience with children who have experienced trauma. Aaron would do well with a family who will encourage him to be more social and interactive both inside and outside of the home.  Aaron said that he would like a family who is nice and a parent or parents who are easy to talk to. Aaron does not want strict parents and wants to have the freedom be able to communicate with his friends. Aaron would also like to maintain relationships with his siblings and continue visiting with them.

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Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS247

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 06/04/19