Alden (Age 10)

Meet Alden

When asked to describe himself, Alden was quick to answer that he is hardworking, respectful, responsible, smart, funny, and a nice person. He adds that he is good at basketball, science, and riding his scooter. One of Alden’s biggest passions is Pokémon. He will excitedly tell you how he collects Pokémon cards, plays Pokémon games, reads Pokémon books, and watches Pokémon shows and movies. He even hopes to be a Pokémon Master when he grows up! That’s not all Alden is passionate about, and he also has a strong interest in dinosaurs. Alden collects dinosaur figurines and loves reading books about dinosaurs like Discovery Welcome To My World: Prehistoric World. His favorite dinosaur is the Spinosaurus, the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs. Sadly for Alden, it is impossible to have a dinosaur or Pokémon as a pet, but he would be more than happy to have a pet tortoise or bird.

Alden’s favorite subject in school is science, and he is in the band and learning to play the saxophone. He is fond of reading, and when not reading about Pokémon or dinosaurs, he gravitates towards fact books and mysteries. Alden loves foods like pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, tuna, and shrimp. He also has a sweet tooth and likes to help out in the kitchen and bake cookies with chocolate chips and M&Ms and make homemade ice cream. Alden hopes to find a family who will have family movie nights and watch scary movies with him (like It and Jurassic Park) and who will also have family game nights and play all kinds of board games like Monopoly, Uno, Exploding Kittens, and Sorry. Alden has been thinking about his future, and if he cannot be a Pokémon Master, he might like to be a police office. He also dreams about traveling and has started a list of places to visit – Yellowstone National Park, Paris, London, and Tokyo.

What Others Say About Alden

Others have described Alden as a lovable, sweet kid who has empathy for others.  Alden has a lot of energy and is very talkative. His current caregivers stated that Alden is super compassionate, outgoing, funny, and friendly. They explained that he is good with younger children and pets, being gentle with them and helping to care for them. Alden has a strong desire to do things right.  

What You Can Do for Alden

A family for Alden should have patience and be knowledgeable in dealing with children who have experienced trauma. Alden will do well in a home where he receives a lot of one-on-one attention. It is very important to Alden that his new family helps him to maintain his close relationships with his siblings. Alden stated that he wants parents who are willing to explain things to him (like rules or why things are not okay), and he wants them to help him practice it the right way. Alden wants parents who make fair deals and who make compromises. And not surprising at all, Alden wants parents who will play Pokémon with him!

Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS214

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 2/14/19