Damien (Age 4)

Meet Damien

Damien loves bright lights and sirens. His favorite toys are police cars, fire trucks and ambulances. Damien is not shy and will start a conversation immediately. He loves school, is very cheerful and plays well with others and by himself. He adores his older sister Zakia, who is also listed on the Heart Gallery of Illinois.

What Others Say About Damien

Damien is mild-mannered yet plays with energy and enthusiasm. He is friendly and a joy to be around.

What You Can Do for Damien

Damien and Zakia will benefit from a stable, loving, nurturing and energetic family. The ideal family needs to be patient with their transition into their home and family as well as support and maintain their family connections

Status: Not available

Case#: 0101ALS183

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 1/7/19