Demya (Age 12)

Meet Demya

Demya is very outgoing and outspoken. She is a girl who knows she wants and is not shy to tell you. Demya is very talented and creative. Her love for creative art was piqued while attending an after-school program where she enjoyed making a camera from cardboard. Demya is also a great athlete and basketball is her favorite sport. Demya is interested in a wide range of career opportunities. She stated she may be a dancer or a dance teacher or work for Ford Motor Company. Demya is interested in traveling to Houston and New York.

What Others Say About Demya

Demya is very helpful and thoughtful. She is very independent and a great student. She has good peer interactions. Demya wants a say in her future and to have an active role. She is a great big sister to her younger brother Seneca. She and Seneca are well-mannered.

What You Can Do for Demya

Demya has requested she and her younger brother be the only children in the home. They would love a pet but “no snakes”. The family for Demya and Seneca should be active and love to travel. The family should be patient and committed. Demya and Seneca want to be adopted together.

Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS209

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 10/22/19