Diana (Age 15)

Meet Diana

This young lady dislikes being bored and is always finding ways to keep her mind and body active. Diana describes herself as athletic and a big sports fan. Diana stated that she has played every sport there is except for baseball and softball, and her favorites are basketball, cross country, and swimming. When she is not being active and looking to relax, Diana listens to hip hop music, hangs out with her friends, goes shopping, and reads romance novels. Her favorite book is If I Stay, and she also enjoyed the movie version, especially because it made her cry.

Diana is focused on school and enjoys going to her classes every day, completing her homework after school, and studying with friends. Diana reports that she likes math and is good at it, but she really loves art and drama classes. Diana is very creative and spends a lot of time drawing, painting, taking photographs, and knitting. She is currently knitting a blanket that includes her favorite color teal and would like very much to place it in a bedroom that she can decorate herself. Diana is also creative in the kitchen and loves cooking. She believes her speciality is Italian food and her best dishes are pastas, salads, and chicken alfredo. Diana has been thinking about her future and in the short term, hopes to learn how to drive and get a job when she turns sixteen. Long term, Diana’s main goal is to attend college. She wants to combine her passion for cooking with her passion for helping people and provide culinary art therapy to others.

What Others Say About Diana

Diana’s caseworker said that “Diana has a big heart and cares for others. She is a good listener and has worked very hard on communicating her needs. Diana is learning to recognize what she needs/wants to be happy and healthy.” Her teachers report that Diana is a great advocate for herself and she gets good grades. Diana has made friends easily at her new school and is eager to get involved in school activities and extracurriculars.

What You Can Do for Diana

In Diana’s own words: “I can’t wait to be in a family that loves me and supports me when I have a hard time and when I am ready to make new memories. I can’t wait to be in a home where I will feel safe and welcome.” Diana wants a family who will not give up on her and who will not only understand her, but who will respect her and advocate for her. Diana is hoping to find a family who will be a good influence, provide her with structure, and care for her. A family for Diana should have knowledge about trauma and attachment or be willing to learn about both. A family should be able to meet and support Diana’s social and emotional needs. Finally, it is important that a family supports Diana in maintaining contact with her siblings.

Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS187

State: Illinois

Gender: Female

Last Updated: 4/10/18