Edwin (Age 8)

Meet Edwin

Edwin is very athletic and enjoys keeping busy with extracurricular activities. Hid favorite sport is Basketball and he likes gymnastics. When Edwin is relaxing he enjoys playing with Legos, coloring, music, dancing, a good book and video games. 

What Others Say About Edwin

Edwin’s teachers say he does well in school. He is very intelligent and quite inquisitive. Edwin is very open and thoughtful when interacting with others. He is very bright and currently on the honor roll. 

What You Can Do for Edwin

Edwin will benefit from a two parent, or a single parent household, preferably with same age, or older children. He needs structure and a daily routine throughout the day with clear boundaries. Edwin needs reassurance and hugs often. Edwin has quite a bit of energy and a family who is active and doing things outside the home would be ideal.  

Thank you to Peter Wagner of Peter Wagner Photography for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Available

Case #: NA

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 10/2/19