Jair "Alex" (Age 16)

Meet Jair "Alex"

Jair, who prefers to go by the name Alex, is a very active young man. He is a sports fan who likes to watch and play sports, with his top picks being football, basketball, and baseball. He hopes to one day live in a home with a basketball hoop so he can play whenever he wants. Alex likes to be outside and would love to spend more time fishing and hunting.

At school, Alex participates in a video game club, and his number one video game choice is Mario Kart because he and his friends can play together and race one another. Alex’s favorite subject is English, so it is not a big surprise that he enjoys reading and spending time at the school library. His favorite books are “The Maze Runner” series, but he enjoyed the movie versions even more than the books and is still waiting to see the latest move in the series.

Alex prefers fiction and fantasy when it comes to books, but when it comes to television and movies, he gravitates more towards comedy. Alex’s favorite movie is “Night at the Museum” and favorite television show is “The Cosby Show.” He likes listening to music too, especially Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber, and has been thinking about learning how to play the trombone or trumpet in the school band.

After he graduates from high school, Alex would like to go to college and eventually become a firefighter. Alex also hopes to do some travelling either now or in the near future with his forever family and believes New York would be a fun place to visit, especially so he can see the Statue of Liberty in person and stop in at some good Italian restaurants where he can eat his favorite foods spaghetti and pizza.

Lastly, when Alex was asked what he wants other people to know about him, he said that he is “helpful and nice with a good attitude.”

What Others Say About Jair "Alex"

Alex has been described as quiet at times, but talkative at other times. He likes to start up conversations with others by saying “Hello” and asking how their day is going when he sees them. In school, Alex has made strong bonds with his teachers and does well academically, getting good grades and no negative reports. Both at school and at home, it is said that Alex is always helpful and caring towards others. He shares well and is willing to help peers or caretakers when asked. Alex is easy to approach and knows how to use appropriate manners.

What You Can Do for Jair "Alex"

Alex wants his adoptive family to be smart, nice, kind, and helpful. He would like to have siblings and a pet dog and cat. Alex looks forward to spending time with his forever family doing things like having family dinners, going to the movies, and playing games. Alex would do best with a family who can advocate for him and provide him with the needed support and treatment for his educational, medical, and emotional needs. 

Thank you to Gary Luttrell of Gary Luttrell Photography for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101C8361

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 4/3/19