James (Age 12)

Meet James

James is an outgoing, active young man who loves swimming, riding his bicycle, and playing with his foster family’s pet dog. He is also an affectionate child who gets along well with others, and enjoys meeting new people. When James is not hanging out with his friends, he enjoys watching movies, playing games on his tablet computer, and collecting Pokemon cards.

What Others Say About James

James’ teachers say he is an attentive, well-behaved child. He loves to learn, and does very well academically. James’ foster parents say he is a “sweet boy with a big heart.”

What You Can Do for James

You can be flexible when welcoming James into your home. You can remain patient with him as he adjusts to his new, permanent family. You can also help him maintain a relationship with his brothers. James would like to join a family that will love and support him. Other children in the home should be older than James.

An Illinois family is preferred.

Status: Not Available

Case#: NA

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 5/16/17