Janine (Age 14) and Eric (Age 7)

Meet Janine and Eric

Janine describes herself as a friendly and respectful person who likes to socialize and take care of herself. Janine stays active by going for walks, riding her bike, and playing volleyball. Janine also participates on her school’s dance team and sings in the choir. She plans to try out for her school’s cheerleading team as well. With all this information, it is not a surprise that Janine’s favorite class in school is gym; however, Janine also has a fondness for math class and believes she does well with the subject. When not at school, you can often find Janine out shopping or spending time in the library, where she makes sure to pick out DVDs (like her favorite movie “Home Alone”) and books that interest her. Janine has recently read and enjoyed the “Country Girl” book series. Janine likes cooking at home, and while she thinks it can be hard, she does well with baking cookies and banana bread. When thinking about her future, Janine knows she would like to go to college, but is still undecided about what she would study. For now, Janine enjoys being around younger children and being a babysitter for them. Janine may also consider a career as a translator since she knows two languages.

Eric is a sociable and active child who has fun playing outside doing numerous activities, including playing tag with friends, running around playgrounds and parks, riding his bike or scooter, and going swimming. Eric has gone fishing before and that is something that he would like to do more frequently. Eric also enjoys playing soccer and would love to join a soccer team. When asked to describe himself, Eric said he is nice and likes to play games, watch movies, have fun, and be funny. Eric is hesitant to call himself smart, but he said that is only because he does not know everything yet! While Eric admits that going to school may not be his favorite thing to do, he does like going to gym class, reading, and learning about animals. Eric has fun visiting the zoo and always makes sure to see his favorite animal, the lion. Since having a lion in the home would not be safe or possible, Eric said he would be okay with having a pet cat or dog.

What Others Say About Janine and Eric

Janine has an engaging personality. She can be shy until she gets to know a person, but is very friendly. She will engage in conversations and share her thoughts. She is respectful to adults and gets along well with other children. Her foster parent described Janine as a “good girl, really and truly.” Janine is well behaved at school and is motivated to do well there. Her teachers reported that she is consistently respectful and makes an effort in class. Janine is well liked at school by her teachers who have said she is a “pleasure to have in class.”

Like his sister, Eric is shy until he gets to know a person, but he does get along well with others. He has an engaging personality and is a funny and active child. A teacher reported that Eric behaved well with no behavior problems in her class. His current foster parent said that Eric is doing well in her home.

What You Can Do for Janine and Eric

It will be important for a family to have patience with children who are willing to learn. The family should be supportive of the children’s native culture and heritage and help them maintain those connections. A family for these siblings should also be knowledgeable about trauma. Both children really want a family who will accept both of them and take the time to listen and support them, but also find time to have fun together!

When she finds her forever family, Janine hopes to spend time with them playing games like Uno and Bingo, going to comedic films at the movie theater, and going out to eat at places like her favorite restaurant Checkers. Janine wants parents who are nice, who she can talk to, and who are supportive of her and will help with homework and come to her games and activities. Eric looks forward to spending time with a family who will play games with him and watch movies. Eric thinks going to the movie theater to watch funny movies and eat popcorn and gummy worms would be a cool thing do with his family.

Status: Not available

Case#: 0101ALS188, 0101ALS189

Gender: Female, Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 12/14/18