Julius (Age 11)

Meet Julius

Julius is a confident, outgoing and fun-loving boy. He enjoys playing video games and reading, but he is most at home when he is able to enjoy the outdoors and be active. Julius loves to read Sports Illustrated and wants to learn how to play baseball.

What Others Say About Julius

Julius is an outgoing and likable child. His teachers express that he is an extremely smart and diligent student. At times, Julius may have trouble focusing on tasks but he is a joy to have in the classroom.

What You Can Do for Julius

Julius will do well in a two-parent, pet-free family who is active and can provide structure and guidance. He needs a family where he is the only child or the youngest child. Julius will benefit from a family that will be committed to him, allow him to express himself and provide him with the support he needs to achieve his goals. Julius enjoys being in the company of those that he cares for, so it is important that the family be able to provide him with the attention he seeks.

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Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS126

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 6/24/19