Kane (Age 11)

Meet Kane

Kane is an active young man who is a joy to be around. Music is very important to Kane. He likes to play piano and is now working on learning guitar. Kane is quite tidy and well- organized. He enjoys riding his skateboard, swimming, playing video games and watching scientific shows on TV. He is very creative and would excel in a home where his artistic and creative ideas would be welcomed and encouraged. Kane enjoys learning about other people and exploring deep conversation. He is very conscious of other people’s feelings. He also likes animals. Kane can be very thoughtful to those around him.

What Others Say About Kane

Kane needs a very structured home that can give him a lot of attention when needed. At home, Kane tends to test limits and try to take control of the home if allowed. He is able to be redirected and will be respectful if you are firm and display consistency with him. Kane likes to be helpful around the home and enjoys having some responsibility. He likes to earn things and reward can be a positive place to promote acceptable behaviors in the home as he does best with positive reinforcement.

Kane is in the 7th grade, however he struggles in school and functions at about a 4th grade level in most subject areas. He has had multiple placements, which has caused him to be extremely behind in school. Kane often becomes frustrated when assignments are too difficult for him. He will then begin to act out if he is not redirected or if supportive services are not provided.

What You Can Do for Kane

Kane says he would like to be a part of an active family that enjoys doing different things. Kane needs a home that will provide him with structure as that is key for him to thrive. It is important that the family allows Kane to maintain contact with his siblings as they are a very important part of his life. An appropriate family for Kane would be one that is patient, able to redirect, be consistent with direction and follow through on discipline or rewards stated.

Thank you to Jodi Swanson of Women of Strength for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101C8339

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 4/4/17