Kenny (Age 16)

Meet Kenny

One thing this young man is very passionate about is sports. Whether it’s playing on sports teams, watching others play on television, or going to games in person, Kenny loves it all! Kenny’s favorite teams are the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball), Green Bay Packers (football),  Kentucky Wildcats (basketball), and St. Louis Blues (hockey). Kenny plays football on his high school’s team and plans to try out for the basketball and soccer teams later in the year. When he is not involved in sports, Kenny prefers to spend his free time outside. He enjoys camping trips, swimming, fishing, hunting, and riding four-wheelers. He would love to live on a farm one day.

When he does spend time indoors, Kenny loves to go to the movie theater, especially to watch action and horror movies, but he likes a little bit of everything. Kenny is also open when it comes to music genres, but he does have a slight preference for country and rock-and-roll music. Kenny plays the drums for fun. When asked to describe himself, Kenny said he is funny, caring, friendly, and a good person. Kenny said that he likes to be social and talk to everyone. Kenny’s plans for the future include graduating from high school, going to college, and then possibly working as an underwater welder. Kenny also hopes to do some traveling and would like to visit Alaska one day.

What Others Say About Kenny

Kenny is open to trying new things and goes with the flow. While he may be shy and reserved at first, he is outgoing once you get to know him. Kenny is very driven, and when his mind is made up, he will accomplish what he set out to do. Kenny is a hard worker.

What You Can Do for Kenny

A family for Kenny should be able to parent a teenager/older youth and have knowledge about trauma. It will be important that the family can advocate for Kenny’s emotional and educational needs and be patient and supportive. Kenny says he would like parents who “have good personalities, do not cuss, and do not smoke.” Kenny looks forward to having family time and being able to do fun things together, like playing games and eating meals. Kenny also hopes to find parents who will come to his sports games to cheer him on.

Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS225

State: Illinois

Gender: Male

Last Updated: 06/04/18