Marschela (Age 14)

Meet Marschela

Marschela is a very personable, talkative young lady who enjoys spending time reading. She loves to play outside and partakes in activities such as volunteering, church events and extracurricular activities. She enjoys listening and singing to music. Some of her favorite genres include hip-hop, pop and church songs. Two of her favorite foods are pizza and lasagna, and she enjoys vegetables!

What Others Say About Marschela

Marschela is smart, helpful, has a beautiful personality, and enjoys meal time. She does well in school and gets good grades. Marschela’s case worker described her as pleasant, although she may need to be redirected at times. Marschela has a very close relationship with her siblings. Although her siblings have been adopted and will be moving out of state, it is important for them to stay in contact and continue communicating through email, phone calls and occasional visits.

What You Can Do for Marschela

You can provide Marschela with love, attention and a lot of individualized attention. She would do best in a well-structured home with consistent rules. Marschela would benefit from being involved in extracurricular activities, such as school sports and clubs. She would like her adoptive family to be active, outgoing, fun and nice. It is important that the adoptive family respects the close bond that Marschela shares with her siblings and continues to support their relationship by ensuring that visits continue to occur. 

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Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS112

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 3/11/19