Perriyay (Age 6)

Meet Perriyay

Perriyay is a very outgoing young man that loves to sing and dance. His favorite artist is the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson. Perriyay has flare for flavor and enjoys his dining experiences. He is very active and loves to stay busy with physical activities. In his spare time he enjoys video games and making people laugh. He is a little comedian! Perriyay is said to have a vivid imagination and enjoys Marvel action figures, no offense to you DC Comic fans.

What Others Say About Perriyay

Perriyay is described as loveable, sweet and outgoing by his current caregivers. Perriyay does well academically and is said to be extremely intelligent. He tested at or above grade level in all major subjects. He sometimes struggles to focus on the task at hand, but he can be redirected. He at times needs redirection when he becomes upset and sometimes reacts to the behavior of his peers. Perriyay is a lovable boy who just wants to be able to please.

What You Can Do for Perriyay

Perriyay will truly benefit from a family who is patient and willing to work with him in every way. Perriyay needs a family who will guide him in appropriate behavior and provide positive reinforcement while treating him as their own. The family for Perriyay should be capable of providing structure, supervision, and have experience de-escalating emotional situations. Perriyay has siblings who are not part of this adoption that he is very close to and he would like to maintain those connections.

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Status: Not Available

Case#: 0101ALS168

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 7/10/18