Robertas (Age 11)

Meet Robertas

You can often find this young man with his head in a book! Robertas has a huge passion for reading and when he finished one book, is already asking for another. Robertas is fond of the Diary of Wimpy Kid book series and is currently making his way through the Harry Potter series. Robertas really loves comic books and graphic novels that feature his favorite Marvel characters, and his all time favorite superhero is Batman. In fact, Robertas’ favorite vide game is Lego Batman, which combines his love for both Batman and Legos. Robertas keeps busy building Lego sets and creating his own houses out of the Lego pieces. Other activities that Robertas enjoys include completing jigsaw puzzles, watching movies, eating tacos, listening to rap music, playing basketball, and running around the gym and playground. Robertas has fun going on outings to amusement parks, arcades, bowling alleys and museums.

What Others Say About Robertas

Robertas has been described as a fun-loving kid who is really enjoyable to be around. His caseworker said, “He has an adorable way of thinking and seeing the world, and this comes out in some surprising, quirky statements. He is often silly, and he loves to have fun.” At school, Robertas is curious and loves to learn. He engages easily with school material as long as he has the support of a trusted adult. Robertas bonds easily with classroom teachers and is able to tell his teacher when he needs help. Robertas can also be very helpful with younger kids.

What You Can Do for Robertas

Robertas needs a family who can provide him with a structured, predictable environment. He requires preparation for transitions and support if plans change. Robertas’ new family should be able to give him a high level of one-on-one attention. Your family should be empathetic and understanding that patience is required to earn trust. A family for Robertas should have knowledge about trauma and attachment or be willing to learn about both. Robertas stated that he wants nice parents who will be patient with him, listen to his concerns, not get mad when he messes up and who will let him do his favorite things. Robertas would also like to maintain relationships with his two older sisters and will need a family who supports that.

Thank you to Jodi Swanson of Women of Strength for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Not Available

Case#: NA

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 3/1/17