Theodies (Age 5) and Shylah (Age 9)

Meet Theodies and Shylah

Theodies (he prefers TJ) is a joyful boy with a sweet personality and is said to be wise beyond his years. He displays great energy and has fun running around his environment. He is very social and likes to have fun playing with his toys or with his sister. He enjoys playing games, reading and watching his favorite cartoons. 

Shylah is very fun-loving, energetic and outgoing. She enjoys outdoor activities, playing with her dolls and eating candy. Shylah loves to help out around the house and just wants to feel like she belongs. As outgoing as she is, Shylah has been unsuccessful at making friends and maintaining friendships. Shylah says she wants “a home where she can be loved.”

What Others Say About Theodies and Shylah

TJ’s teachers say he is very intelligent and does incredibly well academically. He takes his schoolwork very seriously. TJ has great social skills and makes friends easily. TJ sometimes has trouble sharing, but is doing much better in this area.

Shylah is very active and enjoys flipping. She is a great helper and loves feeling needed. Shylah is an average student and puts a lot of energy into making new friends.

What You Can Do for Theodies and Shylah

This duo will need a family who can set clear boundaries, enforce them and be consistent. They need to feel safe, secure and loved in their forever family. The family for these two should have a clear understanding of trauma and be capable of exhibiting patience and understanding.

Status: Not Available

Case#: NA

Gender: Male, Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 10/2/18