Willie (Age 7)

Meet Willie

Willie loves his iPad and can happily spend the day watching videos, playing games, and listening to songs. Willie is a big music fan and is often humming and singing along to the songs he likes. Willie enjoys playing with trucks and sensory toys. While Willie has no problems playing by himself, he also likes to play games with his foster siblings.  Willie is very active and can be a bit of a daredevil and would have a lot of fun in a gymnastics class. His favorite foods to eat are sausage and cheese. Willie likes going to school and does well in a class that is structured.

What Others Say About Willie

Willie’s caregiver cannot brag on him enough and will tell you how he has made so much progress in his growth and development over the years. Willie helps clean up around the house, plays well with other children, and shows affection towards his caregivers.  

What You Can Do for Willie

Willie will do well in a two-parent home. A family for Willie will need to be experienced with developmental disorders or at the very least, willing to undergo training to become more informed. It will also be beneficial for a family to have knowledge about childhood trauma. Willie will do well with a rigid routine, consistency, and a tight schedule. A family will need to continue to work with Willie and really encourage him to be more verbal, more social, and to do more things for himself. Willie requires a lot of attention, both at home and at school. A family for Willie should have a lot of love and patience.

Status: Not available

Case#: 0101ALS219

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 1/7/19