Zakia (Age 9)

Meet Zakia

Zakia is a sweet young lady. She loves to draw and write letters. Her favorite color is purple. She is a great big sister to her younger brother Damien; they play well together. Zakia enjoys her dance and gymnastics classes.

What Others Say About Zakia

Zakia is quiet when she meets new people, but once she feels comfortable, she is fun and engaging to be around. She has a quiet disposition and seems to enjoy activities when she is working one-on-one. She looks out for her younger brother Damien and seems to adore him. Zakia puts forth a great effort in school.

What You Can Do for Zakia

Zakia and her younger brother Damien, who is also listed in the Heart Gallery of Illinois, would benefit from a stable, loving, nurturing and energetic family. The ideal family would need to be patient with their transition into their home and family. Supporting and maintaining their family connections are important.

Status: Not available

Case#: 0101ALS182

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 1/7/19