Adrianna (Age 14)

Meet Adrianna

Adrianna is a preteen girl with a bright infectious smile.  She loves being outside in the fresh air and thrives on activities where she receives one-on-one attention from an adult. Adrianna adores all types of animals. She has a sweet tooth and her favorite foods and drinks are any kind of dessert and soda pop. Adrianna can be very imaginative and daydreams about being able to live on the moon and have a pet unicorn.

What Others Say About Adrianna

Others have described Adrianna as a happy child who is known to be personable, helpful and likable.

What You Can Do for Adrianna

A forever family for Adrianna needs to be a  loving family that will provide her with a structured environment where consequences of actions are explained ahead of time. Adrianna will need a family that is knowledgeable about raising a child with special needs or is willing to learn.  Adrianna will do well in a home that displays positive adult relationships and models appropriate boundaries and social skills. Adrianna is family oriented and treasures visits with her siblings, so it is important that a forever family helps her to maintain those relationships.  

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS221

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 11/2/18