Alandis (Age 11)

Meet Alandis

Alandis has a bright and bubbly personality and a great voice! Alicia Keys is one of her favorite artists, orange chicken is one of her favorite foods and her favorite color is pink. Alandis is not shy and loves to engage in conversation and make people laugh. She enjoys doing her nails, watching TV and drawing.

What Others Say About Alandis

Others say Alandis sometimes struggles with peer relations but she is very free-hearted and tries to be a good friend. She has a caring personality and is a good big sister.

What You Can Do for Alandis

Alandis needs a family that will be supportive of her and should have experience with trauma, or be willing to learn about the effects of trauma on children. Her forever family will help her develop appropriate social skills. Alandis would like a pet bunny; and she likes small dogs too. She and her younger sister are close and this relationship should be maintained. Alandis needs structure and clear, concise rules from a patient family. She prefers a family with a mom and a dad or just a mom.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS184

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 5/22/18