Anngalina (Age 15)

Meet Anngalina

Anngalina is a sweet girl who has a big personality. It can take her some time to warm up to new people, but once she feels comfortable she is talkative and energetic. She likes to sing, dance, and she wishes to be on the volleyball team. Anngalina describes herself as a “caring, loving, enjoyable, smart, amazing, cool, loyal and respectful person.  Some things I like to do are swimming, shopping, dancing, singing, cooking, playing video games, and having fun with friends and family.”

What Others Say About Anngalina

Anngalina is a diligent student and cares about her schoolwork. Her current teacher has reported that Anngalina asks for assignments and is motivated to get good grades. He reported that Anngalina works best one-on-one and is receptive to help.  

What You Can Do for Anngalina

Anngalina will do well in a two-parent household where she is the only child. Anngalina will benefit from a family that will be committed to her and provide her with the love and support she needs.

Status: Available

Case#: NA

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 7/24/19