Cadaja (Age 13)

Meet Cadaja

Cadaja is a smart and polite young girl. She enjoys listening to music, playing sports and seeing her family. She is very active and athletic. Cadaja has some difficulties expressing herself and needs a loving and patient family with firm boundaries.  

What Others Say About Cadaja

Cadaja says, “I am a nice person and I am confident in myself.” She is a diligent student and cares about her schoolwork. Cadaja’s teacher says that she does her school work and has improved in her classroom participation. She desires to maintain a relationship with her siblings.  

What You Can Do for Cadaja

Cadaja would do well in a household with a mom and dad with other children in the home. An ideal family would be active and enjoys basketball.    

Status: Available

Case#: NA

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 8/5/19