Calvin (Age 13) and Carnial (Age 10)

Meet Calvin and Carnial

Calvin is a high-energy child who loves to be active. He has a soft spot for basketball, video games and dogs. Calvin enjoys math and spelling, and he aspires to be an engineer after college. Calvin stated that he wants a family who is supportive, will attend his games, is active, does not abuse drugs, and can be a good influence on him and his siblings.

Carnial is a very active young man. He really likes sports of all kinds and has a particular interest in basketball and football. He enjoys doing many things, including playing video games and playing with cars. Carnial stated that he wants a family who is nice and will help him with his homework. He wants a family who will explain things to him without getting upset.

What Others Say About Calvin and Carnial

Calvin is very independent, and he will help around the house with prompting. His teachers report he struggles in class sometimes, but he works very hard to grasp the lesson.

Carnial is very helpful in the home and takes directions well. Carnial’s teachers say he is a very kind and caring child, but he is slow to warm up to people. Carnial needs a consistently structure environment in order to thrive at home and at school.

What You Can Do for Calvin and Carnial

This duo would thrive in a two or single parent household in Illinois who can provide structure, love and consistency. They need a family who is patient and can navigate the school system to advocate for their needs. An active, outgoing family who will nurture their love of sports and actively participate in their activities is a must. A family who has pets is a plus!

Status: Available

Case#: S010111304

Gender: Male, Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 3/11/19