Cee'onna (Age 12)

Meet Cee'onna

This young lady is eager to be a part of a family and to become involved with all sorts of activities. Cee’onna is good at gymnastics and would love to join a gymnastics team so she can improve her skills and have fun. Cee’onna would also be interested in joining a sports team and likes playing soccer, volleyball, and softball. Sports are not the only games she likes to play, and her favorite to play on the tablet is Roblox, which is a game that allows her to be creative and imaginative. Cee’onna is also fond of regular board games like Candyland and Checkers and card games like Uno and Skip-Bo. Cee’onna looks forward to finding a family who will have a game night so everyone can play together.

Other things that Cee’onna enjoys doing at home include reading books and watching television. Her current favorite books are the Judy Moody series and Junie B. Jones series, while her favorite shows are “Andi Mack” and “Raven’s Home.” Cee’onna likes listening to music, specifically country music and songs from her favorite band One Direction. While is it is easy for Cee’onna to identify her favorite books, TV shows, and music, it is more difficult for her to pick favorite foods and animals because she has so many! Cee’onna likes eating pizza, fries, hamburgers, and ravioli. She recently got to help make tacos and would like to have more opportunities to help cook meals. As for animals, Cee’onna enjoys going to the zoo and seeing pandas, flamingos, cheetahs, giraffes, tigers, and seals. When it comes to animals in the home, Cee’onna would love to have a pet dog and pet goldfish.

What Others Say About Cee'onna

Cee’onna is a sweet girl that just needs to be loved. She is a bright girl who enjoys school and will do her homework without being asked. Cee’onna is very good at math and says that is her favorite subject along with gym class. She is a very smart girl and has a lot of insight regarding herself. She does not act out at school and can be quiet. Cee’onna enjoys working independently.

What You Can Do for Cee'onna

Cee’onna requires patience and understanding from her forever family and time to build trust. She will need to adjust to having a stable, loving home. She needs a family that will encourage her to participate in family functions and encourage her to be more interactive and social with other children. Cee’onna would enjoy one-on-one attention and said she would like a forever family that will love her and a parent that will be there for her. Cee’onna responds well to a family who does not raise their voices and who has clear expectations and firm structure.


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Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS211

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 1/7/19