DaeSean (Age 13)

Meet DaeSean

When first meeting DaeSean, he may seem quiet but once you get to know him, he’s a thoughtful, open-minded, social butterfly. DaeSean’s favorite food is thin-crust pepperoni pizza and he loves spicy foods!  DaeSean would like to learn how to cook other meals but for now he knows how to cook a frozen pizza in the oven. He would love a family who would teach him how to make a healthy meal. DaeSean bursts out in laughter when he hears a good joke and enjoys watching funny movies, especially anything with his favorite comedian  Kevin Hart. The best part of school for DaeSean is being around his friends during recess. DaeSean stated that he wants to try out for the school basketball team and his favorite professional team is the Golden State Warriors. DaeSean thinks about attending college when he graduates from high school.

DaeSean loves luxury and sports cars. He has stated that in the future, he would like to become a mechanic that works on foreign cars.  Some of his favorite cars are Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Nissan GT-R. For fun, DaeSean enjoys listening to hip-hop music and likes to spend time on Social media. Some of his favorite  social media apps are Snap Chat, (to use the picture filters), the Mobile Messenger app, (to talk to friends and family) and YouTube. One of DaeSean’s favorite places to go is Wisconsin Dells. DaeSean stated he likes swimming and would like a family that will take him on  vacations. DaeSean stated that his strength is that he is a “good talker” and that he plays very well with others. (DaeSean wishes that he can have his own room again).

DaeSean has positive relationship with his mentor and it is hoped this continue after adoption.  Participating in the mentoring program. DaeSean attends weekly outings and works on increasing his self-esteem and learning new skills.

What Others Say About DaeSean

DaeSean’s foster parent stated that he’s very helpful around the house and able to complete daily chores. He has a willing spirit to just help out whether its cleaning or assisting. His case worker stated that DaeSean is very pleasant and respectful. He’s kind and well spoken.

What You Can Do for DaeSean

DaeSean would benefit from a family that’s understanding, loving and shows support. DaeSean wants a family that is nurturing, loving and active. The family should have a background and knowledge of children who have experienced. DaeSean needs a family that will provide structure schedule.

Thank you to Kristen Hettinga of JLK Photography for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS230

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 7/4/19