David (Age 15)

Meet David

David presents as quiet and shy. He is guarded and slow to warm in the company of strangers, and will only engage in limited conversation at first. David is very active and athletic, and enjoys a number of sports. When he is not involved in a sport-related activity, David enjoys video games. Once you get to know David, he can be very engaging and a pleasure to be around. David has an older brother that he has a very strong bond with, and it is important that this relationship is maintained.

What Others Say About David

David’s foster parents say he is a charismatic young man who is fun, funny and a joy to be around.

What You Can Do for David

You can provide a supportive, family-oriented home environment for David. You can set high expectations for him, especially when it comes to academics. You can also encourage him to maintain his relationship with his brother, including regular visits. The ideal family would consist of two parents, or a single father, who enjoy family trips, vacations, church outings and other group activities. David is open to joining any type of family, as long as he is allowed to maintain his relationships with his biological family members.

An Illinois family is preferred.

Thank you to Jodi Swanson of Women of Strength for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101C8160

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 1/30/18