Harmony (Age 13)

Meet Harmony

Watch out WNBA! Harmony loves being on the court perfecting her skills…and she’s good. When Harmony is not on the court, she enjoys attending church, shopping, and catching a good movie…and she is a fan of scary movies. Harmony stated her favorite thing to eat is steak, and she has numerous restaurants that she likes to visit.Harmony has been described as slow to warm up, but once she feels she can trust you, she’s an open book.

What Others Say About Harmony

Harmony does well academically, and socially, but she has struggled with behaviors at school at times. Harmony has made amazing progress towards correcting those behaviors. When asked what she wants in a family, Harmony said, “I want a family where they don’t make me feel like a foster child. A home where I will be treated fairly, the same as any other child in the home.” Harmony has biological siblings that are very important to her, so she will need a family that will assist her with maintaining those relationships.

What You Can Do for Harmony

Harmony prefers a family with children her age or older. A family that is active and willing to support her interests especially basketball is ideal and willing to provide guidance, structure and consistency. If you would like more information regarding Harmony, please contact us.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS267

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 10/2/19