Jose (Age 10)

Meet Jose

Jose is a very kind and caring young man who loves interacting with his peers, riding his bike and playing with his action figures. He is very creative and often makes figures with pipe cleaners. He also enjoys collecting and trading Pokemon cards. Jose is very organized and helpful around the home.

What Others Say About Jose

Jose’s teachers say he gets along great with his peers and is a joy to have in the classroom. Jose enjoys school, but he can be really hard on himself if he finds a task to be difficult. Jose says he wants a family who is kind and will take care of him. He stated that he is tired of moving around so much.

What You Can Do for Jose

Jose would thrive in a two or single parent household with an active family who will nurture his creativity. Jose needs a family who is patient and familiar with their school system and who is comfortable with advocating for his academic needs. Jose has a close relationship with his sibling, so a family who is ready to commit to providing Jose with a forever home must be willing to maintain the relationship with his sibling. 

Status: Available

Case#: NA

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 2/21/19