Joshua (Age 14)

Meet Joshua

Joshua has a laid back and easy going personality. He describes himself as smart, nice, friendly, and a person who likes to talk. Joshua added that he is also good at fixing stuff. Joshua likes to work on his fitness and eating healthier foods, but he still has a weakness for macaroni and cheese, which is his favorite meal. Joshua stays active while playing basketball and learning martial arts. He participates in Boy Scouts and is looking to get involved in more clubs and activities. Joshua has fun riding his bike around the neighborhood with his friends and playing tennis with his foster family. Though he does not play baseball, Joshua is also a fan of this sport and roots for the Cardinals. Joshua enjoys playing all kinds of games, whether they are video games, board games, or computer games. His current favorite is Minecraft. Joshua is not picky when it comes to music and likes listening to all genres. When it comes to television and movies, Joshua prefers Teen Titans and anything having to do with Star Wars. While most children want to have a pet cat or dog, Joshua has a fondness for birds and would love to have a pet parrot.

What Others Say About Joshua

Joshua is very respectful and helpful around the home. He follows directions and the rules of the home without issue. Joshua is doing very well in school and is a hard worker. He is also mindful of the school rules and helps around the classroom. He plays well with other children. Joshua is intelligent and can be a great conversationalist. Joshua is a very resilient young man.

What You Can Do for Joshua

A family for Joshua should have experience with children who have experienced loss, trauma, neglect, and abuse. This family needs to be consistent and have firm rules, expectations, and structure. The family should also be patient, nurturing, supportive, and open to allowing Joshua to maintain contact with his siblings. Joshua would prefer to be the youngest or only child in the family. He is comfortable in a one or two parent home. Joshua hopes to spend time with his family doing fun things and taking trips together.

Thank you to Carol Varady of Gary Luttrell Photography for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Available

Case#: 01018233

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 7/23/18