Keegen (Age 10)

Meet Keegen

Keegen is a sweet boy who enjoys playing outside and riding his bike. When he is not outside, Keegen loves to play with Legos which is his favorite toy. It’s been said he is very creative when building with Legos. Keegen also likes video games and watching movies. Other activities he enjoys include going to the movies, out to dinner, and playing at the park.

What Others Say About Keegen

Keegen does well in school and benefits from additional support to help him succeed. Keegen is good-natured and does better with one on one attention. He is looking for a family that shares his same interests. Keegen desires a family who will give him one on one attention, spend quality time with him, and will introduce him to new things. 

What You Can Do for Keegen

Keegen would like a two, or single parent home. He will do best in a home with older siblings who he can look up to and can act as role models for him to follow. Keegen will need a family that is committed and will advocate for him and his needs. The family will be structured and have a routine. The family will have a clear understanding of trauma. The family will accept and understand his personality and have the patience to guide him to make the right choices. Pets are okay.

Thank you to Peter Wagner of Peter A. Wagner Photography for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS243

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 7/4/19