Marshae (Age 14)

Meet Marshae

Marshae describes herself as playful, silly, and funny and explained that she likes to make herself and others laugh. Marshae added that she is a nice person who will tell you the truth. Her favorite animals are lions and tigers, but instead of a cat, she would prefer a puppy as a pet. Marshae is energetic and enjoys cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, skating, and yoga. She also likes to trace and color pictures. When she is finished, she takes a photo of her colored picture so that she can give the picture away to someone, and she can keep the photo for herself as a memory. Marshae likes watching movies, and her current favorite is “Moana.” Her favorite foods are cheese and pizza. She can cook spaghetti and bake cakes, pies, and cookies. Marshae explained that if there is ever something she wants to learn how to cook or bake, she will just use Google so she can teach herself. In school, Marshae’s favorite class is music, which is no surprise since singing is her passion, and her role model is singer Erica Campbell. Marshae has big dreams for her future and plans to become a professional singer. She wants to perform and travel all around the world. Her home base will be in Los Angeles where she will have her own house with a huge backyard with a pool, trampoline, basketball court, and playhouse. Marshae stated that she will be generous and plans to donate to those she loves and to those in need.

What Others Say About Marshae

Marshae has an engaging personality and is a caring young lady. She is a good friend who is supportive to her peers and to others around her. One person stated, “She is a sweetheart and good kid. She’s all glitter and rainbows!” At school, Marshae follows directions and completes her assignments. She is very bright and loves to learn.

What You Can Do for Marshae

Marshae does well when she receives one-on-one attention. A family will need to work with doctors and nurses to make sure her ongoing medical needs are met. A family will also need to advocate for Marshae’s educational needs. Marshae wants a family who will understand her. She is looking for a family who gives good hugs, has fun together, has good communication, and helps with homework.  

Thank you to Peter Wagner of Peter Wagner Photography for creating these beautiful photographs.


Status: Available

Case#: 0101C7891

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 6/23/19