Monique (Age 12)

Meet Monique

Monique loves to read; her favorite author is Sharon Draper. She also enjoys historical fiction novels; according to Monique nonfiction is “too gloomy”.  Monique is very high energy and loves to be active. Her favorite activities include cooking; her favorite meals to prepare are cubed steak and grilled cheese but not a lot of cheese. Monique described herself as a good and loyal friend. She also admits she can be a bit talkative. Turquoise is her favorite color but shared she also like ocean blue. Red Lobster is her favorite restaurant; she loves their lobster and crab legs. Monique would love to travel to Germany one day.

What Others Say About Monique

Monique is described as very creative and a great big sister. She is very family oriented.  Monique is a good student. She is very energetic and loves to laugh.

What You Can Do for Monique

Building trust may take some time and patience will be very important. Monique is very close to her family and these familial relationships are very important to her and should be maintained. The family should be trained in trauma.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS235

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 3/11/19