Nicholas (Age 11)

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas gets great joy out of being helpful and doing chores around the home. He especially loves vacuuming and hopes to have his very own vacuum one day! Nicholas likes to be outside and do yard work and water the plans. He also enjoys helping in the garage and building things. Nicholas is very open when it comes to trying new foods and activities. His favorite food is oatmeal, which he eats every day for breakfast. Nicholas is trying to eat healthier and likes eating fruit, yogurt, and crackers. When it comes to activities, Nicholas recently tried skating for the first time, and it has become a new favorite of his. He also has fun flying his toy helicopter, playing with toy cars, riding his scooter, and riding go-karts. Nicholas has gone camping before and would love to go again. Nicholas likes to watch television and go to the movies and is a big fan of anything with Batman. He plays games and listens to music on his tablet. He also likes to dance when the mood strikes him. In school, his favorite subjects are math and reading. When he grows up, Nicholas would like to be a police officer. He has also thought about working at a car rental agency because he loves cars so much.

What Others Say About Nicholas

When asked to describe Nicholas, there are many who are quick to say that he is a sweet boy. His caseworker said that he is polite and does well in school. His current caregivers added that he is loving, follows directions well, and he can be goofy, especially when it comes to his love of telling knock-knock jokes. Nicholas is affectionate and enjoys his bedtime routine of being tucked into bed and reading a book with his caregiver. Nicholas is also described as a good helper and good worker.

What You Can Do for Nicholas

A family for Nicholas should be supportive. Nicholas desires a family who will love and support him. A family should be understanding that he can be shy when you first meet him, and he sometimes struggles with transitions and patience is needed. Nicholas thrives when he receives one-on-one attention. Nicholas wants a family who will assist him in maintaining relationships with his biological siblings.

Thank you to Carolyn Buhrow of Mode De Vie Studio for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS232

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 10/2/19