Rashay (Age 11)

Meet Rashay

Rashay loves art and it is no surprise that art is her favorite class at school. While she enjoys almost every aspect of art, she is most fond of coloring, drawing, and crafting. Rashay also does well with math, reading, and writing. She has played the trumpet in the school band and would like to continue playing. Rashay has fun singing and dancing, and her preferred genre of music to listen to is country and her favorite singer is Kane Brown. Her favorite foods to eat are fruits (especially grapes and pineapple) and Chinese food (Crab Rangoon, sweet and sour chicken, and orange chicken). Rashay states that she is a good cook and is really good at making quesadillas.

Rashay enjoys spending time outside and climbing trees, fishing, and swimming. She also likes sports, particularly basketball, volleyball, soccer, and football. She has played on a soccer team before and hopes to join a basketball team in the future. Rashay said that she can be a “girly-girl” at times and likes shopping for clothes and shoes, doing make-overs, and painting her nails. She dreams about getting to decorate her own bedroom and already has plans to paint the walls blue, have white furniture, and have bedding decorated with beach images. Rashay hopes to have a large bed and a desk so that she can do her homework. Rashay’s goals are to finish school and then become a behavioral health technician or social worker because she would like to help children. Rashay describes herself as funny, kind, nice, generous, brave, smart, resilient, and mindful.

What Others Say About Rashay

Rashay has been described as cheerful and talkative. She is a smart girl who is thoughtful and has a lot of good insight. Rashay stands her ground and sticks up for herself. She is able to discuss pros and cons and can be redirected well. Rashay is creative and good at regulating her emotions through art.

What You Can Do for Rashay

Rashay would do well with a therapeutic family who understands trauma and therapy approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. A family for Rashay should be organized and routine-oriented. This family should be supportive and able to redirect Rashay when necessary. It also important for a family to be nurturing, but firm, and to not be reactive to behaviors. Rashay would benefit from one-on-one interactions. A family will need to advocate for Rashay’s emotional, health, and educational needs.

Rashay would like a parent or parents who are patient with her and will “love me for me.” She loves animals and would like to have pets, especially cats and/or dogs. Rashay’s wish is to find a forever family who will spend a lot of time with her. She would love to have family game nights and play cards and board games like Monopoly. Rashay wants to go on vacations with her forever family and thinks Florida and South Carolina would be great because of all the beaches. She also wants to visit Six Flags because of all the fun rides.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS250

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 4/23/19