Richard (Age 15)

Meet Richard

Richard, who prefers to be called Ricky, is a very imaginative and friendly young man. Ricky describes himself as “cute as a kitten” and a person who is really nice, kind, clean, quiet at times and funny. Ricky explained that he really cares about others and likes to tell jokes and make people laugh and feel better. When someone is sick, he likes to help them, like bringing them their breakfast. Ricky likes being around other people, but also enjoys having time to himself and hanging out in his bedroom, where he always has music playing. Ricky listens to almost any kind of music, but prefers rock/alternative. His favorite song is a cover of The Cranberries’ song “Zombie.”

Ricky’s interest in zombies is not limited to music only, and he likes movies or TV shows that feature zombies, but he notes that they should be funny zombies and not scary zombies, like the movie Zombieland. Ricky’s all-time favorite movie is Fast and Furious because of his love of cars, which makes it no surprise that his favorite video games also feature cars- Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto. Ricky cannot wait until he can get his driver’s license and hopes to one day drive a Porsche. Ricky would also be happy driving a four-wheeler or go-kart. Ricky has thought about possibly being a mechanic when he is older or maybe being able to work outside and do maintenance work. Since he has a passion for electronic devices, Ricky is also thinking about doing something in that line of work. But for right now, Ricky is happy to be in school and just be a teenager.

What Others Say About Richard

Ricky is respectful of others. He can be affectionate and likes giving other people hugs and high fives. Ricky enjoys going to school and sharing what he learned and sharing other things about his day. Ricky does well in school. His favorite subject is spelling. He is always willing to take time to study. Ricky can be independent and because he is so imaginative, he has no problem keeping himself entertained and occupied. Ricky is sensitive to other and protective of his younger sister.

What You Can Do for Richard

A family for Ricky should have knowledge and/or training in managing children with trauma, developmental and intellectual needs. You can provide a loving, nurturing and structured home for Ricky. He needs an experienced family that can be very patient and give him a great deal of attention and direction. A family who will help him to maintain a relationship with his younger sister and grandmother is desired. Ricky would do best in a home with no younger children. Ricky wants a friendly family who will see that he is a good kid and who will hug him and talk to him. Ricky hopes the family is “really fun” and will play video games and board games with him, go swimming and fishing with him and take him to places like water parks and Six Flags Great America. Finally, Ricky would really love to live in a home with kittens and cats.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS137

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 2/25/19