Silena (Age 14)

Meet Silena

Silena delights in being outside and participating in outdoor activities. She is happy riding her bike and going for walks around the neighborhood, and two of her biggest passions are gardening and fishing. She likes to plan out what exactly to plant in the garden every year and where each plant should go. Silena likes to fish as often as possible and has even ate the fish she has caught herself! She would love to join a fishing club at her school. When it comes to classes at school, her favorites are science and geography. Silena plans to attend college and wants to eventually become a Tech Genius so that she can repair things like computers and smart phones. With this career goal, it is not surprising that Silena is very fond of electronics, especially her tablet, computer, and video games. Silena’s top video games are The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon.

Silena has a great love for animals. She currently has pet cats and believes one of her strengths is knowing so much about cat behavior. In addition to cats, Silena is interested in having a pet chinchilla. Though they are not real animals, Silena loves unicorns. She likes to collect things like books, coloring sheets, clothing, and key chains that feature the mythical creature. Silena also has an extensive collection of Barbie dolls and enjoys watching movies that are about Barbie. She is happy to go on outings to the movie theater and also content to watch movies and television shows at home. Her current favorite television show is The Young Sheldon. She also reads, and her favorite books are The Action Bible and The Babysitter Club series. While Silena has a sweet tooth, she lists her favorite foods as macaroni and cheese, oysters, lobsters, and shrimp. Silena has fun going out to eat and her favorite place is a dine-in restaurant that hand delivers your food to your car and serves such things as onion rings, burgers, and fries.

What Others Say About Silena

Silena is a bubbly, active, and happy child. She has an active imagination and likes to ask a lot of questions. Silena can be very kind and is funny. She is affectionate and loves attention. Silena gets along well with adults and has a good relationship with her mentor. In school, Silena is intelligent and gets along with her peers.

What You Can Do for Silena

A family for Silena should understand the effects trauma and loss have on a child. Silena requires a family who will give her a lot of prompting and attention and make an effort to really connect with her. A family should be loving and supportive while also providing clear expectations. Silena has high energy and needs to be active. Silena would like a family who is nice and does fun activities together. She also wants a family who will help her to maintain a relationship with her biological grandmother. Silena would love to go on family trips to Legoland and the beach. Finally, she hopes to have a pet cat and a good view from her bedroom.  

Status: Available

Case#: 01018377

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 5/12/19