Zachery (Age 14)

Meet Zachery

Zachery is a friendly and outgoing child. He is a very loving individual and enjoys helping others in any capacity he can (cleaning, cooking, etc). Zachery loves Scooby-Doo cartoons and enjoys collecting Scooby Doo merchandise. Another favorite cartoon of Zachery’s is Lazy Town. When he isn’t enjoying his favorite cartoons, Zachery enjoys running, playing, and riding his bike outside.

What Others Say About Zachery

Zachery is said to be a great student and a big helper at school and in the home. His current caregiver and school staff speak highly and positively about Zachery and rave about his good manners.

What You Can Do for Zachery

Zachery will thrive in a one, or two parent home that provides structure and a consistent routine for him. His forever family should be patient and willing to work with him at his pace. The family for Zachery should be willing to advocate for him to ensure his educational needs are being met. He will do well in a home with older children and pets.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS238

Gender: Male

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 2/8/19