Zoey (Age 13)

Meet Zoey

Zoey is very quiet until you get to know her. She loves animals, and her favorite animal is the owl because their eyes and feathers fascinate her! She recently became interested in golf after getting involved at school.

What Others Say About Zoey

Zoey can be shy but her coping skills are improving. Her teachers say she is focused. Zoey will need assistance developing her social skills with her peers.

What You Can Do for Zoey

Zoey needs a family who will be patient and willing to work with professionals to help her reach her fullest potential. She needs a structured home with consistent and firm rules. Zoey expresses that she wants to be placed in a loving two-parent family.

Thank you to Vanessa Hurley of Novel Etchings Photography for creating these beautiful photographs.

Status: Available

Case#: 0101ALS152

Gender: Female

State: Illinois

Last Updated: 8/14/17