Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

The Let It Be Us  Mentorship and Educational Mentorship Programs serve the older children within the foster care system and those who live in group homes; we tend to focus on the children who are older and who will most likely never be adopted.  Our goals are to ensure these children meet high school graduation requirements and enter college or vocational school.  The program is designed to be life changing for the child as well as the Mentor and provides a type of long term permanency for the child as the relationship continues after the child leaves foster care. Why is it important to assign a mentor to an older child in foster care? According to the University of Chicago, and their study of Midwestern children aging out of foster care, only 50% of these children will earn a high school diploma. 97% will never attend college. 45% of the girls will become pregnant by the age of 19. A large percentage of the boys (not calculated in Illinois) will end up in prison. It is our belief that the children in our program will be more successful in life, overall, than they will be if left to navigate life on their own. 

Our Mentors inevitably discover impediments to education such as the need for glasses, special educational materials and IEP (individual education plan within a child’s school system) adjustments.  Let It Be Us stands behind our  Mentors and and Educational Mentors and provides the funding to meet these needs so these children have everything needed to achieve their targeted level of educational success, employment success, and success with learning and mastering life skills. Our Let It Be Us Mentors and Educational Mentors are provided 8 hours of special and proprietary mentorship training allowing them to work with children who have survived trauma. We also provide 2 hours of continuing education per month. Our mentorship training and leadership team includes a mentorship expert, principals, teachers, and a principal of a therapeutic high school.  Our Let It Be Us Mentors come from all walks of life, and span the skillsets of  teachers, tutors, ACT experts, parents and adoptive parents. 

To be a Let It Be Us Mentor, please fill out the application below and commit to form a long-term relationship with a child within the foster care system.  We offer a 4 session Mentorship Training Program. You will continue to meet as a group for support with certified counselors with mentorship expertise. The children we are currently working with are located primarily in Chicago and Northern Illinois.  Group Home Coordinators and Caseworkers may find out more about this program by contacting Douglas Locke, Co-Chair of the Let It Be Us Mentorship Program. 

Our goal is to make this a memorable and life changing experience for the children … and for you!  Our Mentors form close and cohesive bonds, often working together, forming working friendships. 

Note: This program requires a Federal background check and you must be able to pass a drug test.  There is no cost to you.

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