Waiting Children

Let It Be Us is in search of parents for children every single day through our Targeted Recruitment Program. Please read the descriptions and if you think you would be a good family for a particular child then complete our form and it will be sent to the child/children’s caseworkers. Caseworkers, if you want to include a child in our Waiting Children’s efforts, please email one of our recruiters.



a 17 year old boy.  He is on his way of becoming an adult and could really use the impact of a positive male role model in his life.  All families in and around Chicago are welcome to complete our Let It Be Us Form. (261)

An 11 year old boy. His caseworker says he is very sweet and any parents from the Central Region of Illinois are welcome to complete our Let It Be Us Form. (256)

A 14 year old boy. He would love to be a part of a caring and nurturing family. He longs for siblings and for a dog. He loves basketball, baseball, football, soccer. His caseworker says he is the sweetest and saddest child she has ever seen. Families in any part of Illinois are being considered and are welcome to complete our Let It Be Us Form.  (153)

A 14 year old girl. She loves school so very much and needs to be in a female only home. Families in Chicago or any suburbs of Chicago are welcome to complete our Let It Be Us Form.  (192)

A 16 year old girl.  She is a good student and loves signing and especially wants a family to help her with homework. All families in the Western Suburbs of Chicago are welcome to complete our Let It Be Us Form.  (257)

A 15 year old boy.  He is a good student and would love to be in a long-term family that can help him get to college.  Families living near Waukegan, Illinois or the Northern Region are welcome to complete our Let It Be Us Form.  (168)



Two brothers ages 2 and 6.  These little boys are in need of any family near Joliet, Naperville, Aurora, Illinois or Chicago or any suburb. All families are welcome to complete our Let It Be Us Form. (255)




MATCHED – A 16 year old boy.  He is looking for a mom and a dad. He is independent and likes to work. He loves other kids in the family and would benefit from a male role model. (251)

MATCHED – 8 year old boy loves structure and routine and needs parents who will help him with his homework.  (206)

MATCHED – 13 year old boy loves to read, he loves the Star Wars Trilogy, he is interested in marine biology. (205)

MATCHED – 7 siblings – we are hoping that at least some of them can stay together. The girls are ages 5, 12, 13, and 15. The boys are ages 9, 10, and 14.(213)

MATCHED – 17 year old boy whose favorite subject is math and favorite sport is basketball.  (175)

MATCHED – 17 year old girl who wants to go to college to be a mathematician. (184)

MATCHED – 2 year old little boy who needs to be with a family that is active.  (207)

MATCHED – Sibling girls ages 3 and 6 who need emotional support. (203)

MATCHED – A 15 year old girl. (202)

MATCHED – 6 and 7 year old sisters. (228)


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