Waiting Children of Illinois

Welcome to Waiting Children of Illinois!

Waiting Children of Illinois features some of the thousands of children in Illinois foster care who need families.

For Child Welfare Workers – Let us help you find homes for children you are trying to place!

Illinois Caseworkers and Investigators, if you want to include a child on our Waiting Children Page as part of our Child Placement Support Program, please complete this form.

To be eligible to be matched with one of the children on this page, you must first be a licensed foster home in Illinois.  If you are not licensed, please attend one of our events to learn more about the licensing process in Illinois.  If you have specific questions about becoming a licensed foster home, our Foster Care Coaching Program might be right for you.  Our experienced foster care licensing professionals provide free 1:1 support to explain the licensing process and help you choose the licensing agency right for you.

Inquire about a specific child

If you have space in your licensed home for a child – or a sibling set – you can join Let It Be Us’ registry of licensed homes. You can also inquire about a specific child.

We believe strongly that the right match between a waiting child and a licensed foster home can change a child’s life, and that process can be fast or slow.  Please BE PATIENT (and persistent!).  You may not hear back about a child for many reasons, so please don’t give up.  There are so many children in Illinois who need homes, especially children over 7 years old, sibling sets, and children with special needs.

Your next steps

If you haven’t already, here are the best ways to learn about children in Illinois waiting for a foster home match: