Adoption from Foster Care Information

Adoption from Foster Care Information


Adoption from foster care does not discriminate against age, marital status, income, gender or sexual orientation.  You need to be a good citizen, and you need to want to be a parent and champion a child for his or her whole life.  These children have been through some tough times so patience and willingness to walk alongside them with your guidance may be a wonderful parenting opportunity for you.


Fees and Costs

Adoption from foster care is without financial cost.  The legal fees are covered.  A child is often provided with a monthly stipend for his or her care.

Note: Agency adoption and foreign adoption can cost between $25,000 – $40,000.



There are many variables involved in the timeline of adoption from foster care.  If the child is legally available of adoption, you need to be that child’s foster parent(s) for 6 months before the adoption may be finalized.  If you are going to parent a child who is not yet legally available for adoption, the timing is different for each situation.



The adoption process varies based on your agency, your state and your county.  All adoptions are led by your assigned case worker at your selected agency.  You will complete training in adoption from foster care, a home study and a federal background check.

A home study is a process where your social worker gets to know you so that he or she can make the best match.  This includes interviews, reference checks, background checks and home visits.


Who Are The Children?

The children in foster care have been removed from their parents because of abuse, neglect or abandonment.  The children range in ages from infants to age 21, with the average age being 8.  Some children are alone, and some are part of a sibling group. There are more than 1,000 children in Illinois who are legally available for adoption and in search of parents at any given time.