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Let It Be Us Programs and Initiatives

Our innovative programs all have the goal of increasing permanency and offer customized solutions and our programs have lifelong impacts that benefit generations to come. We bring entrepreneurial innovation to the space of child welfare, focusing on foster care, guardianship, adoption, and providing homes for all of our children in Illinois. 


Child and Youth Placement Support Program

The Let It Be Us Placement Support Program’s experienced recruitment team offers a customized solution for each caseworker in a speedy and timely manner. Let It Be Us utilizes their aggregated registry of licensed and waiting parents and our free subscription-based platforms reaching thousands of licensed and unlicensed parents while targeting specific locations and demographics. We utilize our data portal which is cloud-based for protection and yet is shareable. Through this Program, Let It Be Us assists caseworkers in serving children who primarily are in emergent need or who are challenging to place, giving caseworkers access to parents who are licensed, waiting, and interested in the make-up of that specific child.  Licensed parents may join our registry here  Caseworkers may request assistance by completing our Let It Be Us form here.   


Foster and Adoptive Parent Recruitment Events

Let It Be Us hosts large and small events and webinars to directly recruit foster and adoptive parents for waiting Illinois children and we hold them multiple times every single month!  These town hall style events provide programming that reaches targeted audiences in different areas with different demographics, reaching parents who are married, single, and same gender. Large events and webinars feature a panel of experts as well as agencies from the area who are allowed a marketing table.  Smaller events and webinars are more intimate in nature and are designed for specific audiences.  You can learn more about these events here.   

Foster Care Licensing Coaching Program 

With the goal of continuing to increase the number of licensed foster homes in Illinois, our experienced licensing team works with potential foster parents to educate them and increase the likelihood that they are able to obtain a foster care license. We focus on families that our placement programs need – those who will parent sibling groups, children with special needs, teens, and other children in emergent need and those who are challenging to place. This program is free of charge and open to all. To join this program please visit this page.

The Illinois Waiting Children’s  Gallery  

Let It Be Us produces and curates the “Illinois Waiting Children’s Gallery” that we use to recruit parents for children in need, including those in emergent need and those who are challenging to place. Our Gallery is visited by thousands each week and has proven to provide families and better outcomes for the children we serve. For each child there is an opportunity for families to complete an application form and that form is shared directly with the child’s caseworker, allowing for faster and stronger placements. Anyone may view the gallery here. Caseworkers and Investigators are welcome to learn more about our Gallery – as well as our Child and Youth Placement Support Program – and use this as a resource here.


“Wednesday’s Children of Illinois” – A Let It Be Us Publication 

“Wednesday’s Children of Illinois” is a Let It Be Us publication that features children in need of foster and/or pre-adoptive homes. This digital publication is a digital recruitment tool and a child specific recruitment tool. This publication is emailed to thousands of foster parents and waiting foster parents each week. It does not include any identifying information, yet provides caseworkers in need with licensed and waiting families who are interested in learning more about the specific children they are trying to place. Read  “Wednesday’s Children of Illinois” and subscribe to this publication here. 

Let It Be Us Initiatives


Direct Support Program

Let It Be Us has been given private funding to provide for the needs of children in foster care, especially for those in homes struggling with unemployment and financial issues during this time of crisis.  Funds for chrome books, tutoring, on-line training classes, educational materials, and basic necessities are important now more than ever.  Our goal is to provide for these children and to support these families to maintain their wellbeing. Case Managers, CASA’s, and those in similar positions may apply by using this form.

Our Closet – Supporting Children Coming Into Foster Care 

Let It Be Us provides and manages inventory for “Our Closet” in the Waukegan DCFS Office, stocking it with every item a child coming into foster care would need, including new winter coats, hats, mittens, diapers, formula, diapers, wipes, pajamas, underwear, socks, nonperishable snacks, and more. All agencies in the Northern Region of Illinois have access to “Our Closet.”

Summer Camp Program

The Let It Be Us Summer Camp Program provides funding for children in Illinois foster care to attend summer camp – either sleep away camp or day camp – and benefit from the educational experience that going to camp provides. Caseworkers, CASA’s, and those in similar positions may apply by using this form.



At Let It Be Us we work directly with State Senators and State Representatives to advance legislation for children in foster care. Our staff sits on the Illinois Statewide Foster Care Advisory Council and the Illinois Adoption Advisory Council.  Our Executive Director is also available for public speaking opportunities with respect to Illinois as well as National issues surrounding foster care and adoption. Reach out to our Executive Director here.


Let It Be Us recognizes, respects, promotes and celebrates the value of cultural diversity and will ensure that your ethnic or cultural customs, practices, and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, disability, and/or community differences will be respected by agency staff.

Let It Be Us is a 501(c)3 and a child welfare agency licensed by the State of Illinois.