Springboard to Adulthood – An Indepent Living Program

Springboard to Adulthood - An Independent Living Program

Join the Let It Be Us Springboard to Adulthood Program

Our Springboard to Adulthood Program fills a significant need for young people ages 15 and older who are in foster care and are at risk for aging out of the system without a family or permanent support system.

The Program provides placement within licensed foster homes or provides family-like housing combined with wrap-around services to support life-sustaining wellbeing, educational equity and employment equity.

Outcomes of the Program:

  • 100% of program participants are employed or in school, often both
  • 100% of program participants are placed in licensed foster homes or family-like housing 
  • Program serves all genders
  • Medical care is provided
  • Dental care is provided
  • Mental health care is provided
  • Financial management guidance is provided
  • Mentorship is provided through “Springboard Families”
  • Most participants attain drivers education and a drivers licenses
  • Some participants are provided cars to secure stronger education and employment

Let It Be Us has been operating the Springboard to Adulthood Program since it’s inception in 2014 and tracks all graduates who have excelled with their goals.

National research shows that children who age out of the foster care system without a robust support system are much more likely to become homeless and much less likely to continue schooling. According to research by the University of Chicago’s Chapin Hall, 45% of the girls will become pregnant by the age of 19 and a large percentage of the boys will be imprisoned. Only 37% of the young people in Illinois foster care obtain a high school degree.  Across the country, that statistic is 50%.  And overall just 3% get to college. These young people also earn less than half of their peers as young adults, making a successful launch into adulthood nearly impossible.

The importance of a support system during young adulthood

Children with support systems available to them as they grow into young adults have much better outcomes. They are seven times more likely to finish college which leads to nearly $500,000 more in earnings over their lifetimes.

We also know that the path to young adulthood includes many obstacles and challenges which can be big or small depending on whether or not help is available. Confusion or fear about school or a job can be faced with a supportive adult, but could disrupt a critical life goal if that support isn’t available. With Let It Be Us Springboard to Adulthood program, children will get the support they need to become successful adults.

Springboard to Adulthood Employment Initiative

Let It Be Us, through a grant from the Ronald L. McDaniel Foundation, is working with a select number of employers to provide job readiness training and job success to youth in care in need of employment skills and employment opportunities.

The Springboard to Adulthood Employment Initiative is beginning in the Northern Region in October, 2022. To learn more please contact Kendra Wright, Program Manager, at kendrawright@letitbeus.org and/or complete this form.

How to refer a child to participate in Springboard to Adulthood

Let It Be Us knows that many children aging out of foster care have big dreams.  Dreams to go to college, dreams to have meaningful careers, dreams to have a family and a stable support network.  We started Springboard to Adulthood to help young people aging out of foster care who have these dreams.  Please fill out this form if you have a young person to refer to this program.

How to join our registry of homes for Springboard to Adulthood

Are you interested in helping young people find their way as they enter adulthood?  The challenges are different than those of small children, but no less worth the effort.  We encourage licensed foster homes to join our registry to participate in the Springboard to Adulthood program and young people aiming for a successful launch into adulthood.

  1. Are you a licensed foster parent in Illinois?  If not, attend one of our webinars or speak to a coach!
  2. If you are a licensed foster parent in Illinois, and you are interested in supporting young people, then sign up to be included in our registry. 
  3. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to make sure you are the first to hear about young people in Illinois needing a support system.

Other supports available through Springboard to Adulthood

Let It Be Us knows the road to becoming an adult requires many skills that aren’t taught in school.  Skills like how to interview for a job, balance a checkbook or how to fill out the FAFSA form for college applications. Let It Be Us will provide support for children to learn these and other critical skills to ensure a successful Springboard to Adulthood. This Program plans to produce educational videos that will be made available to all young people in Illinois foster care to focus on employment and educational opportunities as well as personal finance and other life skills. 

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