A Message From Our Founder and Executive Director

Message from Our Founder


Let it Be Us has designed and built the strong and innovative bridge between our vulnerable children and foster and adoptive parents.  We are the premier foster and adoptive parent recruiters and matching service providers in Illinois and we match children with parents every single day. 

At Let It Be Us, our child specific recruitment tools offer customized solutions for each child referred to us, ensuring their placement in well matched, safe and loving homes. Our work is evidence based and has been applauded by stakeholders in child welfare.  My background stems from working in Human Resources and Recruiting within major law firms in Los Angles and Chicago, and I have been challenged to bring this experience to child welfare which is a space that has been lacking innovation.

I have the honor of being appointed for a 6 year term to the Illinois Statewide Foster Care Advisory Council by the Director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) where I am one of the co-chairs of the Legislative Committee.  I am also the Chair of the Permanency Committee and the Membership Committee. 

At Let It Be Us, I lead a team that shares the vision of a safe and loving home for each child in foster care and for those awaiting adoption.  We embrace a commitment to justice and a sense of urgency regarding our work. We work in a partnership with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services as well as all Child Welfare Agencies throughout the State of Illinois.

Our Targeted Recruitment Program is a child specific recruiting engine that is unlike any we have seen, using technology to put the information of waiting children directly into the hands of parents who are licensed and also waiting. I have used my Human Resources background to aggregate a team of some of the best foster and adoptive parent recruiters in the State of Illinois. Our team offers a customized solution for each child referred, creating a new unique database of parent resources for each child, which is delivered to the child’s caseworker in a speedy and timely manner. At Let It Be Us we utilize our aggregated registry of licensed and waiting parents, our free subscription-based platforms, our targeted social media platforms, and our targeted email marketing to reach licensed homes while targeting specific locations and demographics. Through this Program, Let It Be Us assists caseworkers in serving children who primarily are in emergent need or who are challenging to place, giving caseworkers access to a larger pool of parents who are licensed, waiting, and interested in the make-up of each specific child; thereby creating faster and better placements.

The Let It Be Us Foster Care and Adoption Information events and Zoom webinars directly recruit foster and adoptive parents in Illinois. Events are led by our experienced Let It Be Us Foster Care Licensing Recruiters and Coaches. These events provide programming that reaches targeted audiences in different areas with varying demographics, attracting parents who are married, single, and same gender.

I founded Let It Be Us Let It Be Us from the statistics of the University of Chicago’s Chapin Hall study of children in foster care in the Midwest and those who age out of foster care combined with the fact that Illinois ranks last in the nation at achieving permanency for her children in foster care and also ranks last in the nation at achieving adoption for her waiting children.

Let It Be Us is supported by a Board of Directors comprised of diverse individuals from different business backgrounds who all have a connection to foster care and adoption. They are as committed to this mission as I am and each Board Member immediately said yes when asked to become one of US.

Thank you for your interest in Let It Be Us. We are the first nonprofit organization of our kind in Illinois and, I believe, the nation.  Our work not only changes the lives of the children we serve, it benefits generations to come. I am available to meet with you any time to discuss the mission of Let it Be Us.

Susan A. McConnell
Founder and Executive Director